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Time & Attendance Case Study

Time Rack Time & Attendance Case Study

As a small-business owner providing payroll and bookkeeping services to a diverse collection of other small and midsized businesses, Amy Brown knows that the size of the company does not define the size of the challenges.

After starting her bookkeeping business, Keeper of the Books, in 2010, Brown soon recognized that her clients' difficulties could not be met with bookkeeping services alone. They were struggling with an entire landscape of issues around payroll and workforce laws and regulations. That was the inspiration behind a second business, Keeper of the Payroll, which Brown established in 2013.

Big Business Tools for Small Business

Both businesses are built around the knowledge that small companies have to navigate many of the same issues that bigger companies do. They need the same tools and the same solutions, scaled to size, but with the capability of keeping up with their needs as they grow.

That’s why Brown likes the flexibility that partnership with Time Rack allows her to offer to her payroll clients, who include nonprofits, medical offices, construction, retail, and manufacturing. Time Rack software is integrated with Thomson Reuters Accounting CS for seamless, one-platform management of functions.

Payroll, HR + Time Management

The partnership between Time Rack and Keeper of the Payroll, she says, allows her to craft solutions that cover a wider landscape of client needs, from payroll to customized time and attendance solutions to human resources help. “It allows us to provide more services that can be tailored to a small business, creating a package where we’re able to create one big solution: Payroll, HR and time management,” Brown says.

It’s a solution that saves time – Brown estimates that her payroll clients who use Time Rack reduce their processing time by 30% – and keeps Brown's clients happy. She credits the partnership with making “significant” contributions to the growth of her business and with also creating time that she can use to add additional consulting services, solving problems for her clients across a range of challenges that include restructuring and growth planning.

The Numbers

  • 2010: Keeper of the Books is established
  • 2013: Keeper of the Payroll is established
  • 2013: Year Brown began offering Time Rack software to her payroll clients
  • 68: total clients, who range in size from 2 to 300 employees
  • 5-6: Number of payroll clients also now using Time Rack HR module as well
  • 16%: Keeper of the Payroll growth over the past 12 months
  • 30%: Estimated processing time savings for clients who use both Keeper of the Payroll services and Time Rack

The Solutions

In addition to the time savings, Brown cites several key Time Rack features among the solutions that have made the biggest difference for her payroll clients.

Accuracy & Accountability

Companies with multiple departments can adapt time and attendance tracking by department, allowing hours to be approved by supervisors before being forwarded to a payroll administrator. Easy integration with payroll means one easy-to-use and easy-to-update platform.


Features that prevent “buddy punching” or employees clocking in before they are actually on the job.

PTO Calculation & Request Processing

Brown says smaller clients, some of whom previously tracked time-off requests on hand-written calendars, love the convenience of Time Rack features that provide centralized tracking and automatic time card population of PTO, sick time and other breaks, for easy scheduling and visibility into staffing levels – especially during peak seasons.

HRAnswerLink: As part of Time Rack’s HR module, clients have access to a library of documents, handbooks, laws and guidance along with the ability to talk to a live specialist. Brown says this service has been well-received by clients. “Most small businesses cannot afford a permanent, full-time HR specialist,” Brown says. With Time Rack and HRAnswerlink, “we’re able to offer them all the tools.”

About Time Rack

Time Rack® is a leading cloud-based time and attendance solution that offers a robust and customizable program for meeting the unique needs of any organization. Our solutions provide scalable benefits without the massive price tag and are used for thousands of employees across the country in industries that include staffing, grocery, security, retail, manufacturing, distribution and others.

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Keeper of the Payroll is a provider of customized outsourced payroll processing to a broad mix of Tennessee-based businesses, providing both payroll services and business planning tools with the goal of delivering greater efficiency and profitability to clients. More at:

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