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Thomson Reuters Accounting CS Payroll Integration

Why do more than 200 CPA firms rely on Time Rack for automated, real-time sharing of employee time and attendance information with Thomson Reuters Accounting CS™ Payroll software?

As a preferred partner, offering full integration with Accounting CS since 2013, Time Rack ensures that the most accurate time and attendance information is available for your clients every payroll period and virtually eliminates data entry.

Time and attendance integration with Accounting CS lets you focus on being an accounting and payroll expert without your having to spend time on its implementation, training and support.

Your Accounting CS clients will appreciate your ability to provide them with streamlined, accurate and reliable time and attendance tracking. This will help them comply with all payroll laws and requirements while ensuring their employees are paid properly, are happy, and your clients are maximizing their return on employee investment (ROEI).

Time & Attendance as a Service

We provide everything you need to replace your time and attendance worries with plain old time:

  • Time Rack will be fully implemented
  • All employees of your clients will be fully trained
  • Your clients receive whatever support they need on an ongoing basis, so they get answers on the first call
  • Time Rack will be customized to the needs of your clients – even advanced functionality based on complex time and attendance rules are easy to configure; point and click with no scripting needed – or you can have us do it
  • If your clients need a mobile app, possibly with geofencing, or time clocks with fingerprint/biometric/facial recognition capabilities, we've got you covered there too
  • If you want touchless biometric time clocks and a way to track employee temperatures/exposure to COVID-19, Time Rack is on it with new features available soon

Become a Partner

Contact us today to learn more about our partner program or get a personalized demo and see how easy we make it for you to provide high-quality time and attendance solutions to your clients.

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